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Kellytown is a new group based in Atascadero, California, that starts with Irish music and then moves effortlessly into cajun, polka, pub songs and Americana.  Like to dance?  We have it.  Like to sing along?  We have it.  Like to have fun?  So do we.  The band is composed of talented musicians who have a long musical history here on the Central Coast.   Band members include Kelly and Val Powers (Way Out West), Phil Curnow (Calamity House), Andy Kulikowski (Guy Budd Band) and Duane Inglish (Cafe Musique).   Their collective musical skills and experience make for a delightful set of energetic and fun music. 

Kellytown is named after 
a locality in County Donegal, Ireland, known for its rich history in the arts and music. 

If you wish to book Kellytown for your event send us a message by clicking here.  

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Kellytown at Bristol's Cider House, 6-17-23
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